Tunable Light Sources

Tunable light sources are used to illuminate materials with only a small specific range of wave-lengths. They are used to study wavelength dependent chemical, biological, and physical changes or properties. The sources can also be used in color analysis and reflectivity measurements of products for aesthetic purposes.

Optometrics offers a range of fiber optic based tunable light sources usable in a wide range of applications.
The filament of a 20W tungsten halogen lamp is perfectly imaged so that it exactly fills the entrance slit of a Mini-Chrom monochromator. Surprisingly, as higher power lamps have larger filaments, most of the extra energy never makes it through the entrance slit and lamps with significantly higher wattage will not produce significantly higher throughput.
By turning the knob on the manual version, or via software control on the motorized version, the grating is rotated to allow only a few nm of light to pass through the fiber optic adapter or cable. Optometrics offers a wide range of grating choices for its tunable light sources to provide optimum band pass selectivity and throughput.
The lamp used in the TLS series has usable spectral energy between 340 nm and 3000 nm, however now one grating can give adequate performance over this range. Optometrics offers versions optimized for the visible spectrum 360nm to 800nm and others for the near infra red upon special request.
For most illumination applications, band passes of 5 nm or narrower are considered to be high resolution. Band passes of 10nm or less are rarely needed in colorimetry or photochemistry.
Optometrics offers three models; the TLS6 with a 6 nm band pass, the TLS10 with a 10 nm band pass and the TLS25 with a 25 nm band pass when used with the standard 600 micron entrance slit and 7-2505 fiber optic bundle. Power increases with band pass. Typically users will trade band pass for throughput, i.e. use the widest band pass possible that will not affect the quality of the measurement.
Models and Versions
The three versions of the Tunable Lights Source, TLS6, TLS10, and TLS25 are available in manual and computer controlled versions. All come standard with 600 micron entrance and exit slits and a SMA-905 fiber connector.
The manual versions are supplied with a power cord for the lamp module.
Manual versions cannot be upgraded to computer controlled versions.
Computer controlled versions are supplied with an integrated monochromator stepping controller and lamp power supply and software. The software is written for PCs running under Windows XP. Communications are via a USB 2.0 interface. Serial, RS-232C communications is optionally available at no additional cost.
The computer controlled TLS models come with a simple wavelength selection software that runs under the Windows XP operating system. It allows specific wavelength selection as well as the ability to scan over a spectral range with selectable wavelength increments.
Ordering Information
Manual Versions
TLS-6 M 6 360 to 800 1200 g/mm 9-8000 9-8001 2,295.00
TLS-10 M 10 360 to 800 900 g/mm 9-8010 9-8011 2,295.00
TLS-25 M 25 360 to 1000 300 g/mm 9-8020 9-8021 2,295.00
Computer-Controlled Versions
TLS-6 C 6 360 to 800 1200 g/mm 9-8100 9-8101 3,595.00
TLS-10 C 10 360 to 800 900 g/mm 9-8110 9-8111 3,595.00
TLS-25 C 25 360 to 1000 300 g/mm 9-8120 9-8121 3,595.00
* Prices are in USD and are list prices only.

Optometrics Fiber Optic Cable

Optometrics has custom made fiber optic cables that are 600 microns x 4 mm on one end and either a 4.8 mm ferrule or SMA-905 connector on the other end. They are the ideal output cables for the TLS series light sources.
They have a length of 5 feet and are made with glass fibers which transmits all of the wavelengths from the TLS monochromators.

General Specifications
f/# - 3.9
Focal length - 74 mm
Grating size - 20 mm x 20 mm
Entrance slit - 600 microns x 4 mm
Exit slit - 600 microns x 4 mm
SMA-905 connector included
Wavelength Accuracy - ± 0.2%
Counter readability
     TLS -6 and TLS-10 - 0.2 nm
     TL2 - 25 - 0.8 nm
Stray light rejection - 10 -3
TLS – 06 - 1200 g/mm 400 nm blaze
TLS – 10 - 900 g/mm 500 nm blaze
TLS -25 - 300 g/mm 500nm blaze
     tungsten halogen - 12V 20W
     Color Temperature - 32000K
     Spectral range   360 nm to 2000 nm
     Power supply - 12VDC 2A
Light source (on base plate) 
     L H W - 20.5 cm X 6.0 cm X 20.5 cm
     Weight - 1.4 Kg
Computerized for computerized models 
     L H W - 25.3 cm X 13.7 cm X 20.5 cm
     Weight - 1.7 Kg


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