Selecting Diffraction Gratings

Selecting Diffraction Gratings

Diffraction gratings are used in a wide variety of applications where light needs to be spectrally separated. Understanding the varying types of surface relief gratings will aid in the selection of the best options for your application.

Optometrics Corporation operates several modern master diffraction grating production laboratories, producing both interferometrically controlled classically ruled and holographically recorded replication masters to optimize its OEM customers’ instrument performance. Hundreds of standard replication masters are inventoried for fast delivery of many common designs. Optometrics also supports new OEM customers in need of regenerating less efficient grating replication masters, resulting in improved quality, manufacturing efficiencies, and lower costs.

With production exceeding 1,000 replicated optics daily, and capacity for over 500,000 ft2/year of high quality Dielectric and Dichroic Beamsplitter, Bandpass, Longpass, Shortpass, Neutral Density, Hot/Cold Mirrors, Reflective, Anti-reflective, Enhanced, Protected, and Color Corrected filters, Optometrics is your preferred ISO certified and ITAR registered supplier!

Download a copy of our Grating Selection Guide here.

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