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It is the overall goal of Optometrics to meet or exceed expectations for each and every one of our customers while meeting our corporate and social responsibility. Our responsibility to our Dynasil shareholders is to secure a reasonable profit for the products and services we provide. We will proactively promote ethical and honest behavior within the company and within the community in which we work.

Optometrics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, Lean optical components and optical sub-assembly manufacturing company committed to supplying its customers with high quality, cost competitive products and services.

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  • Optometrics operates several master diffraction grating production laboratories, producing both interferometrically controlled classically ruled and...
  • Optometrics Corporation produces thousands of filters specified by and designed for other instrument manufacturers. If our standard filters do not...
  • The Standard Mini-Chrom (MC) is a manual unit which utilizes a micrometer for wavelength selection and readout. Turning the micrometer head causes,...
  • Optometrics has, since its inception, designed and manufactured laser components and instruments for university, industrial and government...
  • The reflecting beam divider/combiner is constructed like a replica micro mirror array with 4 facet pairs per mm and a reflective aluminum coating,...
  • Tunable light sources are used to illuminate materials with only a small specific range of wave-lengths. They are used to study wavelength dependent...
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